by Sara Miguel / 29 Sep, 2015

Game Designer Matt Hyra goes into detail about some of the cards in the new Crossover Pack for the DC Comics Deck-building Game.

by Sara Miguel / 14 Sep, 2015

What is your favorite licensed property that Cryptozoic works with? Check out some of our favorites!

by Sara Miguel / 09 Sep, 2015

Check out our list of our top 10 Favorite Cryptozoic Games!

by Sara Miguel / 04 Sep, 2015

See what popular CZE games are back in stock on the eStore!

by George Nadeau / 25 Aug, 2015

In our final Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 blog entry, we're presenting some of the many autograph inscriptions that we think you'll want to chase.

by George Nadeau / 20 Aug, 2015

Today, we're revealing an extra special, authentic wardrobe card.

by George Nadeau / 18 Aug, 2015

In Part 3 of our series of Penny Dreadful blogs, we shared a few of the Authentic Memorabilia cards that'll be inserted into the hobby boxes, 1:72 packs. Today, we're revealing the Authentic Memorabilia card that will be distributed exclusively in the Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 binder; a piece of Victor Frankenstein's Anatomy book.

by George Nadeau / 14 Aug, 2015

Our Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 contains four chase sets. We commonly create Quotable chase sets, but creating one for this set proved particularly challenging because so much of the series dialogue is poetic and quotable.

by George Nadeau / 11 Aug, 2015

As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, the Penny Dreadful team has been very supportive of our trading card product. When we kicked off production, we communicated a few wish lists, one focused on screen-used props.

by George Nadeau / 06 Aug, 2015

By a wide margin, the best days in the Product Development department start with deliveries. Style guides, unit photography, copy from show writers, sketch cards, wardrobe and props. It's always exciting to open the deliveries because we're never sure what's inside.

by George Nadeau / 05 Aug, 2015

In Showtime's Penny Dreadful, Vanessa Ives is clairvoyant and an expert medium. Among her tools is a set of tarot cards. For our trading cards set, the studio supplied her screen-used deck to be inserted as authentic prop cards.

by Sara Miguel / 03 Aug, 2015

Our final day at Gen Con was busy and bittersweet. Check out our photo recap!

by Sara Miguel / 01 Aug, 2015

Here is the recap for day 3!

by Sara Miguel / 31 Jul, 2015

Our day 2 recap of Gen Con 2015.

by Sara Miguel / 31 Jul, 2015

We had a really busy first day at Gen Con. See what we were up to!

by Sara Miguel / 30 Jul, 2015

See what we've been doing leading up to the start of Gen Con on Thursday.

by George Nadeau / 21 Jul, 2015

Next week will be extra busyand excitingfor our team. We'll be at the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, one of the biggest trading card shows in the world.

by Sara Miguel / 14 Jul, 2015

Our final day recap for SDCC 2015.

by Sara Miguel / 14 Jul, 2015

Day 3 of our SDCC weekend!

by Sara Miguel / 14 Jul, 2015

Our Day 2 recap of SDCC. It was a big day!


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