by Mike Rosenberg / 05 Dec, 2012

A round of the DC Comics Deck-Building Game is just getting started. You're up first, and you get first pick of the starting Line-up. Three DC Deck-Building fans give their input, based on their Super Heroes and their own preferences. But what would you do?

by Christina Sims / 30 Nov, 2012

Christina Sims chats with Ben Stoll about his history with his games, along with what games he's currently working on. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 29 Nov, 2012

Castle: The Detective Card Game is coming next year, and today, we're bringing you a first look at what it's all about!

by Mike Rosenberg / 28 Nov, 2012

The Lookouts #3 is now available in comic stores and on comiXology!

by Michael Sacco / 27 Nov, 2012

Writer Mike Sacco chimes in with a quick recap of some of his favorite TV shows from this Fall. 

by Miranda Charsky / 20 Nov, 2012

A few lucky fans of The Big Bang Theory will find redemption inserts in their packs for the Seasons 3 & 4 Trading Cards. Curious what they are? Read on!

by Christina Sims / 16 Nov, 2012

Christina Sims talks shop with Matt Hyra, the lead board game designer at Cryptozoic Entertainment.

by Mike Rosenberg / 15 Nov, 2012

We've got some exciting new trading cards sets coming out in the next few months, and we've also got a release date for The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards! We hope you're ready!

by Will Brinkman / 14 Nov, 2012

Collecting comics and games is one thing. But collecting "miles"? What's that all about? Will Brinkman checks in with this edition of the Collector's Blog to discuss an interesting collection that many have mastered over their years of travel. 

by Matt Hyra / 13 Nov, 2012

Game designer Matt Hyra returns with a continued look into the gameplay of the DC Comics Deck-Building Game.

by Christina Sims / 09 Nov, 2012

Christina Sims talks to senior marketing manager Laura Waniuk. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 08 Nov, 2012

Today, we offer you a first look at one of our upcoming games: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-Building Game!

by Christina Sims / 02 Nov, 2012

Everyone at the office is looking for ways to keep active. Brand ambassador Christina Sims talks about what people are doing around the office to stay in shape!

by Mike Rosenberg / 31 Oct, 2012

A group of friends in Southern California worked together in a marriage between iconic comic characters and steampunk. The result? The DC Comics Steampunk Cosplay troupe. 

by Miranda Charsky / 30 Oct, 2012

Looking for a glimpse of what you'll find in the Batman™: The Legend Trading Cards that are coming soon? Look no further!

by Christina Sims / 26 Oct, 2012

Brand ambassador Christina Sims knows a thing or two about costumes. Today, she offers some advice to people looking to dress for the season with some tips on popular costume ideas, how to spice up your old costume, and more!

by Mike Rosenberg / 25 Oct, 2012

The Lookouts attempt to best the bridge troll once more, Voel flashes back to his feral past, and Dore continues training for his fight against the sphinx in Issue 3 of The Lookouts, coming in November!

by Mike Rosenberg / 24 Oct, 2012

Todd McFarlane's The Walking Dead Series 3 figures are coming!

by Matt Hyra / 23 Oct, 2012

Game designer Matt Hyra offers up the basics of the highly anticipated DC Comics Deck-Building Game. 

by Miranda Charsky / 20 Oct, 2012

The announcements from the Philly Non-Sport Card Show aren't over yet!


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