by Mike Rosenberg / 31 Oct, 2012

A group of friends in Southern California worked together in a marriage between iconic comic characters and steampunk. The result? The DC Comics Steampunk Cosplay troupe. 

by Miranda Charsky / 30 Oct, 2012

Looking for a glimpse of what you'll find in the Batman™: The Legend Trading Cards that are coming soon? Look no further!

by Christina Sims / 26 Oct, 2012

Brand ambassador Christina Sims knows a thing or two about costumes. Today, she offers some advice to people looking to dress for the season with some tips on popular costume ideas, how to spice up your old costume, and more!

by Mike Rosenberg / 25 Oct, 2012

The Lookouts attempt to best the bridge troll once more, Voel flashes back to his feral past, and Dore continues training for his fight against the sphinx in Issue 3 of The Lookouts, coming in November!

by Mike Rosenberg / 24 Oct, 2012

Todd McFarlane's The Walking Dead Series 3 figures are coming!

by Matt Hyra / 23 Oct, 2012

Game designer Matt Hyra offers up the basics of the highly anticipated DC Comics Deck-Building Game. 

by Miranda Charsky / 20 Oct, 2012

The announcements from the Philly Non-Sport Card Show aren't over yet!

by Miranda Charsky / 20 Oct, 2012

Trading card fans at the Philly Non-Sport Card Show got a chance to see us unveil some new upcoming products. Want to see what's coming down the road? Check these announcements out!

by Christina Sims / 18 Oct, 2012

Christina Sims talks with George Nadeau, art acquisition manager at Cryptozoic Entertainment. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 18 Oct, 2012

Today, we highlight five movies that are perfect for the month of October!

by Mike Rosenberg / 17 Oct, 2012

The Lookouts issue 2 is now available in comic stores and on comiXology!

by Miranda Charsky / 16 Oct, 2012

Laurie Holden's Autograph cards will be released with The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards!

by Christina Sims / 12 Oct, 2012

Brand ambassador Christina Sims chats with our game night regulars to hear what their play testing experiences are like. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 11 Oct, 2012

During October, Universal Studios Hollywood transforms into a ghoulish gathering at night. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 10 Oct, 2012

SPIEL 2012 is coming to Essen, Germany next week!

by Michael Sacco / 09 Oct, 2012

The fifth and final season of Fringe is underway. 

by Christina Sims / 05 Oct, 2012

Brand ambassador Christina Sims chats with Mary Carmen Wilber, who oversees the Crypt as our project coordinator. 

by Will Brinkman / 04 Oct, 2012

Comic books are a collector's paradise, and a few people around the office take great pride in their collections. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 03 Oct, 2012

Natasha of Wild for Wednesdays shows off some sweet merchandise dedicated to Fringe in celebration of the final season's recent premiere. 

by Miranda Charsky / 02 Oct, 2012

Trading card brand manager Miranda Anderson recently posted a Q&A discussion on the Card Talk forums. Today, she answers some of the community's questions. 


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