by Will Brinkman / 08 Jul, 2011

Cryptozoic's mission is to support hobby gaming, and the community-owned Star Wars CCG has been going strong for decades. They joined us at Epic Con Las Vegas for a weekend of blaster battles and hyperdrive chases.

by Will Brinkman / 13 Jun, 2011

Busy with his schedule of writing an episode of Doctor Who and celebrating the 10th anniversary of American Gods with a reading tour, Neil Gaiman was kind enough to donate his time and pen to the Liberty Trading Card set.

by Will Brinkman / 24 May, 2011

We made the choice to only show things that we can deliver. For autos and mem cards, that means in-hand here at the office. 

by Miranda Charsky / 28 Mar, 2011

The most exciting thing that happened at the show was the early announcement of The Lookouts game that Cryptozoic Entertainment will be releasing in partnership with Penny Arcade! 

by Will Brinkman / 22 Mar, 2011

Remember, the First Amendment guarantees the right to Free Expression. It ensures that no American can be persecuted for speaking their political, religious, social, or artistic beliefs.

by Cory Jones / 14 Mar, 2011

Welcome to Cryptozoic Entertainment headquarters in beautiful Southern California; Irvine to be exact. My name is Cory Jones I am the President and CCO of Cryptozoic and I will be giving you a tour of our building today. 


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