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DC Deck-Building Game: The Joker, Martian Manhunter, and Bane Promo Cards

Original price $19.99
Current price $14.99
These are reprints of previously released promo cards for the DC Deck-Building Game.

The Joker This Forever Evil Promo was initially distributed at the 2015 Origins Game Fair. The text of this oversized Super-Villain Character card reads "Once during each of your turns, you may destroy a Villain you have played this turn. If you do, draw a card and ATTACK: Each foe gains a WEAKNESS." 

Martian Manhunter
 This DC Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite promo card was given away during the DC Comics Deck-Building Game Day by participating retailers and from pre-ordering DC Comics Deck-Building Game directly from Cryptozoic. This promo allows you to select Martian Manhunter as the Super Hero that you represent during the game. Martian Manhunter's ability is: If you play two or more Villains during your turn, +3 Power. If you play two or more Heroes during your turn, +3 Power. 

 This was the first printing Forever Evil Promo. The text of this oversized Super-Villain Character card reads "If the first card you play during each of your turns has cost 1 or greater, you may destroy it. If you do, +2 Power."