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Senior Games Designer APPLY NOW

Lake Forest, CA
Full time

We are looking for a talented and experienced Senior Game Designer to join our Game Design team! Design new content, pitch new systems and game modes (and optimize existing ones), playtest, give feedback, and be a collaborator in our iterative design process. This team’s singular focus is on an unannounced Collectible Card Game intended for all major digital platforms (console, PC, Mobile). This game features a high-powered thematic license and intends to take the Collectible Card Game genre in exciting new directions. This is your chance to claim your place as a critical pillar of the design team early in the development cycle of a major AAA game, as we continue preparing for the game’s launch.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Design cards, build decks and playtest, and deliver feedback on play patterns, power balancing, complexity, and whether or not we’re achieving our goals for PVP and PVE gameplay
  • Implement game content using proprietary software and tools
  • Theorycraft collaboratively with the rest of the Game Design Team (and sometimes other departments) to ensure we’re doing everything we can to meet the goals of the product
  • Give feedback on the user experience of the dev client as it’s being iterated upon
  • Mentor and cultivate junior talent on the Game Design Team
  • Become intimately familiar with the vast intellectual property that our game is centered around
  • Extract and catalog feedback from focus testers and other playtesters
  • Produce and maintain Game Design Documents and other documentation
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, and become familiar with competing products
Job Requirements:
  • At least 3 years of professional game design experience (either tabletop or digital)
  • Experience in a principal design role on a shipped/published game
  • Practical and balanced approach to risk analysis and cost/benefit analysis of design decisions
  • Ability to deconstruct game experiences with empathy for the player
  • Ability to clearly and granularly articulate your deconstruction of game experiences
  • Maturity as a critical thinker; have the capacity to be uncertain and to granulate your confidence in your opinions according to each unique challenge the team faces
  • Basic proficiency with MS Word and Excel
  • Ability to present professionally to partner companies, our players, and in other arenas in which you’ll represent the company
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Job Pluses:

  • Competitive success as a gamer
  • Experience working on Collectible Card Games / Trading Card Games
  • Experience in a lead design role on a shipped/published game
  • Experience working with Intellectual Property licensors
  • Experience with Unity Game Engine

Job Type:
  • Full-time position
  • Full benefits package
  • Office in Lake Forest, CA (Orange County)

Please submit resume as a pdf file that contains no links to external web sites or documents. (no MSWord doc or docx files) to

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