Sons of Anarchy Trading Cards Seasons 1 - 3

Key Features

Release Date: 05.21.2014

Collect every illicit moment of FX's highest rated drama, Sons of Anarchy! Jax Teller, the vice president of SAMCRO, finds an old memoir from his father, outlining his regrets over the illicit direction of the motorcycle club. Struggling with his conscience over some of the club's recent illegal actions, Jax attempts to sway the club's decisions to build a better legacy than gun running. The Sons of Anarchy Trading Cards cover all the fan favorite moments from the first three seasons, and collectors can look for authentic Autograph and Wardrobe cards to complete their collection!

Product Details

Packs: 5 Cards per pack, 24 packs per box

MSRP: $3.50 per pack

Base Set: 100 card base set featuring episodic images from seasons one through three

An Unexpected Hit Base Card  They're All About Charity Base Card

Inserts:  Autograph cards (1:24 packs), Temporary Tattoos (1:24) 

Sons Temporary Tattoo SOA Temporary Tattoo Charming Temporary Tattoo

Foil Character Cards (2:24)

Clay Chase Card Bobby Chase Card Unser Chase Card

Replica Patches (1:192 packs)

SAMCRO Replica Patch  Men of Mayhem Replica Patch

Wardrobe, Dual Wardrobe and Prop cards (1:24 packs) 

Gemma and Tig Dual Wardrobe Card  Movie Money Prop Card

Plate cards (1:450 packs)

Blue Printing Plate Black Printing Plate

Binder: The limited binder for the Sons of Anarchy Trading Cards Seasons 1 - 3 will be a black faux-leather 1" binder, with the reaper logo debossed on the front. The exclusive binder card will be the M5 Wardrobe card.

Binder Exclusive M5

Redemption: The Oversized Redemption for Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1 - 3 is a triple Wardrobe card featuring swatches for Tara, Jax and Gemma. 

Oversized Wardrobe Card


Autograph Signers:
Charlie Hunnam as Jackson “Jax” Teller
Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow
Kim Coates as Alex "Tig" Trager
Tommy Flanagan as Filip "Chibs" Telford
Ron Perlman as Clarence "Clay" Morrow
Ryan Hurst as Harry "Opie" Winston
Theo Rossi as Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz
William Lucking as Piermont "Piney" Winston
Dayton Callie as former Police Chief Wayne Unser
Kristen Renton as Ima Tite
Kenneth Choi as Henry Lin
McNally Sagal as Margaret Murphy
Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez
Jeff Kober as Jacob Hale Jr.
Patrick St. Esprit as Elliott Oswald
Mitch Pileggi as Ernest Darby
Nicholas Guest as John Teller
Taylor Sheridan as Deputy Chief David Hale
Jamie McShane as Cameron Hayes
Julie Ariola as Mary Winston
Dendrie Taylor as Luann Delaney
Sprague Grayden as Donna Winston
Henry Rollins as A.J. Weston
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Hector Salazar
Zoe Boyle as Trinity Ashby


Promotional Cards

P1Non-Sport Philly Spring Show '14
P1Exclusive Metal Version Non-Sport Philly Spring Show '14Anniversary Dinner

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OM1Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM2Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM3Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM4Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM5Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM6Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM7Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM8Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM9Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM10Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM11Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM12Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM13Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM14Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM15Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM16Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM17Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM18Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM19Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM20Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM21Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM22Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM23Triple WardrobeRedeemed
OM24Triple WardrobeAvailable
OM25Triple WardrobeRedeemed