The Walking Dead Comic Book Trading Cards

Key Features


In celebration of Robert Kirkman’s best-selling comic books, Cryptozoic Entertainment™ is pleased to be releasing a trading card collection for The Walking Dead comic books. The trading cards feature the survivors of the zombie apocalypse as they try to hold on to their humanity in a world without the comforts of modern society. Chase sets include mini-comics highlighting some of the most memorable moments, and tributes to those lost to the zombie scourge. 

Product Details

Cards: 5 Cards per pack, 24 packs per box

MSRP: $3.50 per pack

Base Set: 90 cards featuring black and white interior art of some of the most dramatic moments from the series

Chase Sets: Mini-books featuring cover art (2:24 packs), with memorable moments from the series, and Killed In Action (2:24), featuring those lost

Inserts: Sketch cards (1:24 packs), Autograph cards (1:288 packs), Foil Parallel set (1:8 packs), and Printing Plate cards (1:576 packs)

Confirmed Autograph Signers: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Rus Wooton, and Sina Grace

Redemption Cards:
Please note our address has changed. Please send all Redemption Inserts to our new address, to claim your oversized card:
25351 Commercentre Drive
Suite 250
Lake Forest, CA 92630

R1 - R25 Oversized Signed Art Cards (4" x 6") by creators Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.
R26 - R61 Oversized Plate Cards (5" x 3.5") of the Mini-Book chase covers

Binder: The standard binder contains a 9-card puzzle featuring the cover art for The Walking Dead, Volume 10: What We Become.


Artist Participation
  • Adam Cline
  • George Deep
  • Marlin Shoop
  • Aston Roy Cover
  • Gilbert Monsanto
  • Mat Nastos
  • Benjamin Glendenning
  • Jason Paz
  • Matias Streb
  • Bill Thompson
  • Jason Sobol Jason
  • Keith Phillips
  • Billy Martin
  • Jason Walker
  • Matthew Minor
  • Brian Kong
  • Jason Worthington
  • Michael Duron
  • Bryan Turner
  • Jeff Victor
  • Michael Maglio
  • Bukshot!
  • Jefferson Hojas
  • Michael Rooth
  • Cal Slayton
  • Jeremy Treece
  • Mike Legan
  • Chad Hardin
  • Jerry Gaylord
  • Mike Torrance
  • Chris Copeland
  • Jezreel Rojales
  • Pablo Diaz
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Jim Hanna
  • Patrick Gerrity
  • Clayton McCormack
  • Jim Kyle
  • Patrick Hamill
  • Cruddie Torian
  • Joe Pekar
  • Penelope Rivera Gaylord
  • Dan Schaefer
  • Jonathan Wayshak
  • Remi Dousset
  • Dan Smith
  • Karen Krajenbrink
  • Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
  • Dave Tata
  • Kent Heidelman
  • Rhiannon Owens
  • David Baron
  • Kevin Gentilcore
  • Rich Molinelli
  • David Ryan
  • Lord Mesa
  • Ron Salas
  • Dennis Crisostomo
  • Lynne Anderson
  • Ryan Kinnaird
  • Dennis Culver
  • Marat Mychaels
  • Ryan Wong
  • Dietrich Smith
  • Marcus Smith
  • Thomas Boatwright
  • Erik Caines
  • Mark Pennington
  • Tod Smith
  • Gabby Untermayerova
  • Hanie Mohd
  • Travis Walton
  • Gene Gonzales
  • Ian Yoshio Roberts
  • Victor Rodriguez
  • George Davis
  • Irma Ahmed
  • Vince Sunico
  • Jake Minor
  • Vo

Promotional Cards

P1Non-Sports Card Show ChicagoMarch 2012
P2Non-Sport Update MagazineJuly 2012
P3San Diego Comic-ConJuly 2012 (Skybound Booth)

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R1Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R2Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R3Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R4Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R5Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R6Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R7Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R8Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R9Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R10Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R11Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R12Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R13Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R14Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R15Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R16Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R17Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R18Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R19Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R20Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R21Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R22Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R23Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R24Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R25Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R26Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R27Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R28Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R29Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R30Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R31Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R32Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R33Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R34Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R35Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R36Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R37Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R38Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R39Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R40Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R41Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R42Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R43Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R44Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R45Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R46Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R47Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R48Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R49Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R50Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R51Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R52Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R53Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R54Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R55Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R56Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R57Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R58Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R59Oversized Plate CardRedeemed
R60Oversized Plate CardAvailable
R61Oversized Plate CardRedeemed