The Walking Dead Trading Cards Season 3 Part 2

Key Features

Release Date: 08.20.2014

In this uncertain, apocalyptic world, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors must not only fight the dead, but also face a whole new fear: the living. Another group of survivors is not far away, led by a dangerous and powerful man, the Governor. The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 trading cards focus on the Governor and the survivors living in Woodbury. Collect every intense, nail-biting moment as Rick, Daryl, and Michonne stand-up to the Governor and his plot to steal the prison. Look for randomly inserted Autograph, Wardrobe and Sketch cards.

A limited number of boxes are available in our e-Store now!


Product Details

Packs: 5 Cards per pack, 24 packs per box

Base Set: Features episodic images from season three


Inserts: Autograph cards (1:24 packs)

Wardrobe cards (1:24 packs)


Autograph Wardrobe cards

Dual Wardrobe cards


Sketch cards (1:288 packs)


The Governor chase set (1:12 packs)


Woodbury chase set (1:12 packs)


Metal Base Parallel Cards (1:288 packs)

There are four color variants: four sets of full-color, four sets of Silver, three sets of Gold, one set of Red. Since there is only one set of Red Metal Parallel, each Red card is a 1/1.



Binder: The limited binder for The Walking Dead Trading Cards Season 3 Part 2 will feature Rick and the Governor. The exclusive binder card will be a Wardrobe card for Andrea.

Autograph Signers:
Andrew Lincoln
Norman Reedus
David Morrissey
Danai Gurira
Laurie Holden
Dallas Roberts
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Chad L. Coleman
Sonequa Martin-Green
Travis Love
Melissa Ponzio
Greg Nicotero
Lennie James


Sketch Card Artists
  • Ashleigh Popplewell
  • Bill Pulkovski
  • Bob Stevlic
  • Brad Utterstrom
  • Brian Kong
  • Brian S. Canio
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Chris Meeks
  • Clay Sayre
  • Dan Bergren
  • Dan Gorman
  • Danny Silva
  • François Chartier
  • Gabby Untermayerova
  • Gavin Hunt
  • Ingrid Hardy
  • Fer Galicia
  • J.D. Seeber
  • Jader Correa
  • Jason Potratz and Jack Hai
  • Joe Corroney
  • John Haun
  • Ken Gordon
  • Lee Lightfoot
  • M. Jason Reed
  • Marcia Dye
  • Matias Streb
  • Matt Hansen
  • Mikey Babinski
  • Mick & Matt Glebe
  • Patricia Ross
  • Plinio M. Pinto
  • Richard Salvucci
  • Robert Hendrickson
  • Sam Hogg
  • Scott Blair
  • Scott Houseman
  • Sean Pence
  • Seth Ismart
  • Stephanie Swanger
  • Ted Dastick Jr.
  • Tim Proctor
  • Vince Sunico

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