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DekanWheeler / 28 Apr, 2017

A few weeks ago was Peachstate Hobby’s Speed Gaming event in Dallas, Texas. The game I had on my table at this particular event was Antoine Bauza and Ludovic Maublanc’s Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, which we are publishing alongside Don't Panic Games this summer. You might have first heard about this game back in 2015 when we first started demoing it at our Gen Con booth. Well, now it's 2017 and we’ve gone through a ton of testing, refinement, and polish. After playing it over 100 times at the Speed Gaming event, I have a feeling this game will be huge!

KYLEWLODYGA / 25 Apr, 2017

Don’t miss your chance to own the Metallic Red 25th Anniversary DC Lil Bombshells Harley Quinn figure made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Can’t make it to Comic-Con during the frenzied opening hours? This pre-order makes it possible for you to get this red hot limited version of Harley before it sells out!

DekanWheeler / 23 Apr, 2017

So, now you’re saying, “All right, I’m sold. I’ve got the whole collection of Series 1 Mighty Meeples lined up on my desk. But what do I do with all of these extra Superman figures I’ve collected?” Well, have you ever considered using these collectible game pieces as, well, game pieces? A fun trend in board gaming right now is bringing your own pieces to a game night in order to customize your play. Instead of playing as boring old blue, you can now play as Batman.

George Nadeau / 18 Apr, 2017

Who: Cryptozoic Entertainment + You
Where: Merchants Square Mall, Allentown, PA 18103
When: April 22-23, 2017
Why: Look at Cryptozoic’s new Trading Card products.

DekanWheeler / 17 Apr, 2017

The DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box is a fantastic place to store all of your cards from the DC Deck-Building Game and its expansions, as we explained a few weeks ago. While that alone would make it a great addition to your collection, we weren’t content to just stop there! The box comes with the exclusive Multiverse Crossover Pack, an expansion based on the epic DC “Convergence” comic book storyline.

Gotham Season 2 Box
Shahriar Fouladi / 10 Apr, 2017

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. TV, today announced the release of Gotham Trading Cards...

DekanWheeler / 10 Apr, 2017

Series 1 of DC Comics Mighty Meeples consists of 30 different classic heroes and villains reimagined as collectible 1” wooden board game figures. Unless you are getting the Mighty Meeples: DC Comics Hall of Justice Collection or the Mighty Meeples: DC Comics Batman Rogues Gallery Collection next year, you will find these figures in three-pack foil bags. 

Speed Gaming
DekanWheeler / 06 Apr, 2017

Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and collectibles, today announced that it will be demoing games at Peachstate Hobby Distribution’s Speed Gaming 2017 at the Wyndham Dallas Suites, April 12-14. This annual organized play event gives retailers a chance to play tabletop games with numerous manufacturers, getting twenty-five minutes of playing time with each manufacturer. Hosted by Peachstate Hobby Distribution (PHD), the largest gaming distributor in the South, the event will feature several winners and prizes. 

DekanWheeler / 04 Apr, 2017

Pre Order Site Live NOW! Don’t miss out on your chance to own all three limited-edition Golden Goddess DC Bombshells vinyl figures made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017!...

Industry Summit Logo
Shahriar Fouladi / 02 Apr, 2017

Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and collectibles, today announced that it will be attending Industry Summit, the annual trade conference for professionals in the trading cards and collectibles industries that will be held April 2-5 at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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