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Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game- Live on Kickstarter!
Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game- Live on Kickstarter!


Cryptozoic Will Showcase New Games and Collectibles at New York Comic Con 2021

Cryptozoic Will Showcase New Games and Collectibles at New York Comic Con 2021

Steven Rhodes Games and Exclusive Cryptkins Unleashed Figures Will Be Sold and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns — The Game Will Be Previewed at Booth #1349                     

Lake Forest, CA – October 5, 2021 – Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of tabletop games, trading cards, and collectibles, today announced that it will showcase new and upcoming products and offer several exclusive collectibles at New York Comic Con, October 7-10 at the Javits Center.

At Booth #1349, Cryptozoic will sell the NYCC-exclusive Ghost Cerberus Cryptkins Unleashed vinyl figure, as well as five limited edition Cosmic Cryptkins Unleashed figures. In addition, the company will feature three recently released games based on the artwork of illustrator Steven Rhodes: Let’s Dig for Treasure, Let’s Summon Demons, and Don’t Talk to Strangers. Comic book fans can look forward to a preview of the highly anticipated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns — The Game, including a close-up look at some of the miniatures. Finally, Cryptozoic will sell a variety of other collectibles and games, including titles in the popular DC Deck-Building Game series.

“We’re back! After so many canceled events over the last year and a half, we’re excited to be at New York Comic Con for our first big convention in a long time!” said John Sepenuk, CEO of Cryptozoic. “We come bearing lots of amazing products, including exclusive Cryptkins Unleashed collectibles, our new Steven Rhodes games, and previews of some new stuff. More than anything, we’re looking forward to reconnecting with the pop culture fans out there and getting their thoughts on all of our games, collectibles, and trading cards.”

Cryptozoic’s exclusive figures at New York Comic Con are:

Ghost Cerberus (Cryptkins Unleashed): This is a variant of the regular Cryptkins Unleashed vinyl figure, based on Cryptozoic’s original IP featuring creatures from myth and folklore. The figure sports eye-catching translucent light blue paint and silver glitter on its body, as well as white skeleton paint to allude to its otherworldly nature. Measuring 5.25 inches tall, the collectible comes packaged in a window box with a foil sticker marking it as “Exclusive Species.” Only 300 figures exist, with each selling for $49.99. Due to the pandemic, a limited number will be made available online on the Cryptozoic Shop during NYCC.

Cosmic Cryptkins Unleashed: These five variants of Cryptkins Unleashed vinyl figures are part of the highly popular Cosmic variant series, consisting of characters who hail from different constellations and possess otherworldly colors. The figures sport eye-catching translucent colorful paint and glitter on their bodies, as well as metallic gold on various features. Each 5-inch collectible (Cosmic Cerberus is 5.25 inches tall) comes packaged in a window box with a foil sticker marking it as “Exclusive Species.” These Cryptozoic Exclusives were briefly available online earlier this year and will be available in limited quantities at NYCC. Only 300 of each figure exists, with each selling for $24.99 except for the oversized Cosmic Cerberus figure, which will sell for $49.99.

Tabletop gaming fans can look forward to three games inspired by the artwork of a popular illustrator, as well as a preview of a game based on one of the most renowned comics of all time:

Steven Rhodes Games: Let’s Dig for Treasure, Let’s Summon Demons, Don’t Talk to Strangers: These three newly released games are based on the artwork of Steven Rhodes, an illustrator best known for his offbeat reimagining of children’s activity books from the 1970s and 1980s. Each 2-6 player game features fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay with very little setup time, while offering hidden depth to satisfy hardcore gamers. Reflecting the comical retro worlds in the games, the titles hail from Dynomite Games, an old-school sub-brand of Cryptozoic. Each game will be available for $19.99.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns — The Game: In this solo board game experience coming in 2022, a player can don the cape and cowl and journey through Frank Miller’s iconic comic book series. Instead of traditional leveling up, this is a game of attrition as the player must battle a relentless tide of ruthless mutants, cops, and press looking to bring you down, plus iconic bosses like Two-Face, The Joker, the Mutant Leader, and even Superman. The game is played over the course of four epic “Books,” each with unique rules, allies, abilities, and epic boss battles. It will be offered in both a regular edition and a Deluxe Edition featuring 17 highly detailed miniature figures, some of which will be previewed at the booth.


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