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DC Deck-Building Game: Crisis Collection 2

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Release Date: August 1, 2024


Crisis Collection 2 brings together the third and fourth Crisis Expansion Packs, which expand any DC Deck-Building Game base set with cooperative gameplay and tons of new cards. You’ll have to take on Crisis events and Impossible Mode Super-Villains that will put your team to the test!

This is not a standalone product. Requires any DC Deck-Building Game base game to play.


  • Collects Crisis Expansion Pack 3 and 4
  • Adds cooperative play to any DC Deck-Building Game base set
  • New mechanics: Unity Ongoing cards, Personal Crises, Hidden Objective mode
  • 28 Crisis cards for players to overcome
  • 28 FOIL oversized Characters
  • 28 Impossible Mode Super-Villains
  • 59 new Hero, Villain, Equipment, Super Power, Location, and Hidden Objective cards
  • Red X Promo card
  • FIRST PRINTING: Project Thaumaton Promo card


  • 116 Game Cards, including 2 Promo Cards
  • 28 Character Cards (FOIL)
  • 1 Token Sheet
  • 1 Divider
  • 2 Rulebooks
Number of Players: 2-5

Ages: 15+
Playing Time: 90 Minutes


The third Crisis expansion features Crisis versions of the playable Super-Villains from the Forever Evil base game attempting to overthrow Impossible Mode versions of the Crime Syndicate, evil doppelgangers of the Justice League from another Earth. Building on the Victory Point tokens introduced in Forever Evil, this expansion features various cards that get bonuses for spending your VP tokens. The Crisis cards in this set feature the new Contribute mechanism, which allows players to make progress toward beating the Crisis over multiple turns. Lastly, this set introduces more playable Suicide Squad characters and Hidden Objectives. These add more challenges to your Crisis games as each player starts the game with a secret objective they must complete before the game ends in order to win.


The fourth Crisis expansion features Crisis versions of the playable Super Heroes from the Teen Titans base game as well as new playable Titans characters facing off against Impossible Mode versions of their Super-Villains. Similar to that set, you’ll find lots of new Ongoing cards spread throughout the different card types. Some of these Ongoing cards have the new Unity keyword. Whenever you play a Unity card, not only do you get its ability, but you also get to resolve the ability of each other Unity card in front of all players. The Crisis Mode in this game features the new Personal Crisis cards. Rather than a single global Crisis event that hampers all players, each player gets their own Crisis card that only hurts them. Players will have to work together to get rid of these as the more of them that are in play, the less time you have to defeat all the Super-Villains.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Challenging Co-op!

I love most of the DC Deck-building games, and playing co-op with the Crisis series of expansions is my favorite way to play! I also love the added mystery of secret missions.

Amazing and well worth it!

I am a huge fan of Crisis and was super excited when the reprint for 3 and 4 dropped. And let me tell you. I was not disappointed. If you haven't tried crisis, I highly recommend it!