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Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

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Release Date: February 2012

Number of Players: 2-6
For Ages: 15 and up
Playing time: 40-60 Minutes

Did you know that magical wizards are battling to the death ... and beyond ... right now!? "Why battle?" you might ask. "What have I got to prove, magic man?" Only who's the most awesomely powerful battle wizard in the entire realm, that's what! As a Battle Wizard, you'll put together up to three spell components to craft millions* of spell combos. Your spells might kick ass, or they could totally blow -- it's up to you to master the magic. You will unleash massive damage on the faces of your wizard rivals in a no-holds-barred, all-out burn-down to be the last Battle Wizard standing. And it doesn't stop there! Powerful magic items bring on a whole new level of bloody carnage as you and your mighty wizard opponents tear each other limb from limb in an orgy of killing!

Do you have what it takes to use epic spells in a war at Mt. Skullzfyre? Will YOU be the Ultimate Battle Wizard!?! - Combine spell cards into three-piece combos, creating hundreds of unique and devastating attacks. The chaos is limited only by your thirst for destruction!

Key Features

  • First Epic Spell Wars game... this is the one that started it all!
  • Super mind-blowing fun for 2-6 wizards!
  • Dozens of Arcane Artifacts modify your spells and bring the ultimate pain to your wizard opponents!
  • Dead Wizard card innovation keeps players in the game, even when they suck and die before winning!
  • Simple to learn with endless replayability -- you'll be locked in deadly Wizard Combat till you've got a long, gross, goat-like beard!
  • Amazing art with over 100 unique images, the world of epic spell battles comes to righteously hilarious life!
  • Standalone game, but compatible with other games in Epic Spell Wars series EXCEPT Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON Deck-Building Game and any other games and expansions in the ANNIHILAGEDDON series. 

Reviews and Playthroughs

ProZD Review


  • 40 Spell Source cards
  • 40 Spell Quality cards
  • 40 Spell Delivery cards
  • 25 Dead Wizard cards
  • 25 Treasure cards
  • 8 oversized Hero cards
  • 8 Wild Magic cards
  • 7 Last Wizard Standing chips
  • 6 Skull life counter chips
  • 4 Six-sided dice
  • 1 Rulebook

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
George Pallotta Jr.

Easy to play... and fun when you lose!


This is a very casual. Quick pace game. Its become the favorite of weekly game nights!

Amazon Customer

This game is a great game to take to your next game party or game night. Pretty easy to pick up, very entertaining, and with a decent depth of strategy to keep you excited for the next round, next spell, and next effect. You will be both laughing at, with, and cursing at your friends in a good natured battle to the death in this game. My advice is to fully embrace your inner Harry Potter and really belt out the spell names like you are trying to counter curse the dark lord himself

Owen W. Davies

Overly complicated game and not expandable with the other epic apell wars.

Ryan Hall

This game has become a rapid staple of my friend group, I cannot wait to buy some expansion packs!!