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Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON Deck-Building Game

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It’s an all-out battle to the death for the Annihilageddon™ trophy in the crazy world of Epic Spell Wars! While fully compatible with other Cerberus Engine releases, this game features a whole new world of mayhem … literally.

Mayhem Events, Familiars, Legends, Wizards, Spells, Creatures, Treasure, and Wild Magic. It all adds up to an Epic Spell Wars experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. And fans of the series have seen a lot. Yeesh.

The Epic Spell Wars world you love, now in deck-building form!

Mercilessly attack your foes and kill them over, and over, ah-and over!

Take advantage of your Wizard’s special ability tile and Familiar Card that only you can buy!

Key Features

  • First Epic Spell Wars deck-building game!
  • Mature themes and highly inappropriate art!
  • Multiple First Printing Promo Cards allow players to play as Wizards from classic Epic Spell Wars card game series!
  • Compatible with other Cerberus Engine games!
  • Standalone game, but 100% compatible with games and expansions in the Epic Spell Wars: ANNIHILAGEDDON series. Not compatible with games in Epic Spell Wars series without ANNIHILAGEDDON label. 

Game Contents

  • Over 220 Deck-Building Cards
    • Includes 4 First Printing Promo Cards
  • 8 Oversized Wizard Cards
    • Compatible with the previous Epic Spell Wars card games!
  • 20 Dead Wizard Tokens
  • 5 Hit Point Trackers
  • 8 Wizard Ability Tiles
  • 2 Oversized Standees
  • Rulebook

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Customer Reviews

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Fun game with excellent Customer Support

This is really a fun and great game but really wanted to write a post about how good Cryptozoic Support is. They always replied to my queries and gave me updates in a timely manner. Special mention to Daniela for helping sort out issues with the shipment of my order.