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DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark

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Release Date: June 12 2024

Are You Ready to Go DARK?

This entry in the DC Deck-Building Game series puts you in the supernatural shoes of the DC team that steps in when challenges arise that are too mystical for regular Super Heroes. Become a member of the Justice League Dark as you Seal the threats of magical Super-Villains and Transform your cards into more powerful forms!

Standalone game, but compatible with other games in DC Deck-Building Game series. 


  • Based on Justice League Dark comics, with original cover art by Ryan Benjamin
  • Play as Justice League Dark members like Wonder Woman, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate
  • Transform cards have the ability to change into other cards!
  • Seal your cards away to add to your score at the end of the game
  • New Weakness cards have a built-in way to get rid of them… if you are willing to pay the cost!


  • 215 Standard Cards
  • 8 Oversized Character Cards
  • 4 Seal Tokens
  • Multiverse Divider
  • Rulebook
  • First Printing: Jason Blood and Etrigan Promo Cards

Number of Players: 2-4 
Ages: 15+
Playing Time: 60 Minutes


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Felicia Criner
My new favorite!!!

After owning and playing almost every DC deck builder this is my absolute favorite!!

matt maskus
Review of new DC deck

Honestly, somewhat different. But, wildly fun! I am glad we bought this and added it to our collection.

Ceasar Browning-Funez


Music City Geeks
New Game Mechanics for the win

The new transform and seal mechanics brings a new spin to the game. It definitely feels like it stands out from the rest of the DCDBGs.

Dale Ford

Fantastic game! Great addition to an awesome lineup. Hoping the next expansions are awesome too.