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DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth

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Reprint Release Date: August 1, 2024 

Release Date: August 1, 2019


Rebirth is an evolution of the DC Deck-Building Game, breaking fresh ground by adding linked Campaign Scenarios, character progression, and movement between iconic locations from the DC Universe!

Position matters! Players must move their characters to find the cards they want for their deck and to interfere with the Villain’s dastardly plans. When you defeat a Villain, you get a reward, and the Villain is removed from the game. Staying close to your allies will allow them to play Assist cards to help you during your turn.

Standalone game, and compatible with other games in DC Deck-Building Game series. 


  • Classic DC Deck-Building Game mechanics with the addition of Campaign Scenarios, character progression, villain and character movement
  • Play as the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Jessica Cruz, or Simon Baz
  • Each Scenario includes special rules, new cards, different locations… plus side missions!
  • Play Cooperatively, Competitively, or Solo!
  • Features iconic DC Universe locations


  • 206 Main Game Cards
  • 41 Extra Unlockable Cards
  • 8 Resealable Scenario Packs
  • 8 Oversized Super Hero Cards
  • 8 Character Standees
  • 7 Location Tiles
  • 1 Threat Track
  • 28 Various Tokens
  • 1 Randomizer Card
  • 1 Plastic Divider
  • Rulebook

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

We just got this game recently and have only been able to play a few times so we're still figuring out the nuances. It's fun. We mostly like cooperative games since it's primarily 2 of us playing most of the time. We have one other DCDB Dark Nights Metal. This one plays differently with static locations with their own benefits. The villains move around the board trying to get to their location where they attack every turn, so they can be trickly to defeat, especially if they come out early in the game before you have a chance to buy cards. The assist cards are interesting and can be helpful. I'd love to see an expansion specific to Rebirth in the future with different super heroes (with standees) and abilities.


This game is wonderful. It's a cooperative deckbuilding game up to 4 players. I would not recommend it for anyone under 10 unless they are big fans of games and have patience to learn. Once you learn the game though it's easy to maintain. There are two things that give this game great repeatability. First, while you only play up to 4 players there are 8 characters to choose from so each time you use a new character it gives you different options. Second, and by far the biggest, is that there are 8 "scenarios" to play through. The first time you play the game is scenario "one." Then once we knew what we were doing we played the first scenario a second time. After winning, you can move to scenario "2." This makes small modifications to the game to change it up a bit. It also encorporates a very basic sense of story so it's like you're playing different issues of a comic book.In short, i'd highly recommend this game for a group of up to 4 people looking for a great cooperative board game.


Excellent game and very fast shipping.


We LOVE this game! We were already familiar and fans of the deck builder games. This edition created a fresh and super fun version by making is collaborative. We love games where we can work together. We have played through it multiple times and continues to be exciting and fun!

Tiffany Redd