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Superman: Prince of Krypton Statue


Release Date: March 24, 2023

The Superman: Prince of Krypton Statue reimagines the Super Hero as a classical Greek sculpture dramatically posed to lead the battle.

The regal polyresin statue measures nearly 15 inches tall from the base to the tip of the removable sword and features armor and a helmet. The character's origins are hinted at through elements of the Fortress of Solitude on the base and armor that is inscribed with Kryptonian lettering that translates to "Prince of Krypton."

As with all entries in Cryptozoic's Pantheon of Justice series, it is meticulously crafted to be a true work of art!


  • Reimagines Superman as a classical Greek sculpture
  • Second in Pantheon of Justice series of highly detailed polyresin statues
  • Part of Cryptozoic's CZX® super-premium line of products
  • Gold-accented armor, sword, and helmet
  • Ultra-high quality CZX card showcases the design and story behind the statue
  • Individually numbered on the base (limited to 2500 pieces)
  • Sculpted by Laurent Pierlot
  • EARLY ORDERS: Limited Edition Superman: Prince of Krypton CZX Promo Card


  • Hand-painted polyresin Superman: Prince of Krypton Statue 
  • Measures nearly 15 inches tall from base to tip of sword
  • Packaged in full-color closed box
  • Includes CZX® super-premium card