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Hawken: Sharpshooter vs Bruiser

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Release Date: 02.19.2014

Number of Players: 2
For Ages: 15+
Playing Time: 20-30 Minutes

Grab a Mech and get to fighting… fast! Based on the free-to-play Mech FPS, HAWKEN, you will pilot a Mech with the goal of knocking out your opponent's Mech. In Hawken: Real-Time Card Game, your deck of cards contains primary and secondary weapons systems, thrusters, special abilities, and various other high-tech instruments of war. Draw cards and place them onto the table as fast as you can, but be careful or you might overheat! The action is in real-time, but a game round ends when a player snags the FIRE! button from the center of the table. Quick reflexes are helpful, but a quick mind will win every time!


  • Portable, play anywhere.
  • Real-time, but pausable gameplay makes the action fast, furious… and fair!
  • Hawken fans and giant Mech fans alike will love the dynamic play experience.
  • Customize your deck/Mech!