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Spyfall: Time Travel

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Release Date: 09.25.2019
  • Number of players: 2-8
  • Ages: 13+
  • Playtime: 15 

The world of Spyfall has been turned upside down, like sand through an hourglass. The classic game of probing questions, clever answers, and lots of suspicions is back and it's heading to the past ... and the future!

Get ready to travel to memorable eras and locations across space and time! Expose a spy in a Neanderthal Cave or a Lunar Base. Avoid spilling secrets in an Old West Saloon, Leonardo's Studio, or a certain period of time in Spain that no one expects! Time is of the essence!

The game is played over an agreed-upon number of rounds with the winner being the player who scores the most points. Each time the spy wins, that player earns points, and can score bonus points for stopping the game to guess the location correctly or convincing other players to accuse someone else of being the spy. When the non-spies win, each of those players earns a point, with an additional point given to any player who initiates the accusation of the spy.

The game features 2- and 3-player variants, as well as a team variant for 7 or more players, adding even more ways to play. It is fully compatible with previous games in the Spyfall series. 

  • Game Design by Alexander Ushan
  • Game Developed by Petr Tyulenev
  • Art by Sergey Dulin, Anton Kvasovarov, uildrim
  • Classic Spyfall gameplay, but with locations from across time
  • Easy-to-learn party game
  • Humorous original art
  • Standalone, but compatible with other games in Spyfall series
  • 240 Location Cards
  • 30 Resealable Bags
  • Rulebook