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DC Deck-Building Game: Teen Titans

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DC Deck-Building Game: Teen Titans Rulebook

Release Date: 07.15.2015

Teen Titans Go! You’ve played with the old guard. Now play as the youthful up-and-comers. Play as Raven, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Red Robin and more. The Teen Titans are all about proving themselves, and with this set you can save your best cards for when you really need them. When you’re ready, unleash everything you’ve got and the results will be spectacular.

The big new focus of the set revolves around Ongoing abilities: Cards that stay in play until you need them. Every time you put an Ongoing card into play, it essentially gives you an extra card to utilize on a future turn. Previously, only Locations and a couple of other cards could ever stay in play. Now every card type at every power level has multiple different cards with Ongoing. Sometimes they help you every turn. But mostly they stay in play until you choose to discard them for their mighty effects. If you can build up several Ongoing cards, unleash as many as you need to take down the Super-Villains!

This set also pays attention to the different card types you have in play. Playing cards from your hand puts cards into play as usual. But with Ongoing cards out there, you often have several card types in play already. Such synergy! 


  • Play as the world-famous Teen Titans!
  • Ongoing abilities make a big splash!
  • Lots of female characters!
  • Standalone game, but compatible with all games and expansions in DC Deck-Building Game series. 
  • 212 Game Cards
    • 36 Punch Cards
    • 16 Vulnerability Cards
    • 112 Main Deck Cards
    • 16 Kick Cards
    • 12 Super-Villain Cards
    • 20 Weakness Cards
  • 7 Oversized Super Hero Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Amazon Customer
Bad condition.

Box arrived in terrible packaging, just a single grey bag with no packing material. As such, the product was in pretty bad condition; 3 of the corners were bashed in and all of the sides were dented. Thankfully, the cards inside were fine, but that's due to the manufacturing having an insert. My biggest concern is that a package travelling from the US to the UK was packed in a thin plastic bag with no real protection.

Note: This review was initially posted on Due to the complexities of third-party marketplaces, we are unable to guarantee a product or send replacement components unless proof of purchase directly from us is provided. To ensure you receive a guaranteed new item, we recommend ordering directly through our website,, or through our official storefronts on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Jaredd Dominic Lopez de la O
Buen juego

Ya con el está completa mi colección. Muy buen juego para pasarla con los amigos

5.0 out of 5 stars Super fun

Fun game. Easy to learn.

Aaron Lewis
1.0 out of 5 stars Missing instructions.

Had to return do to missing instructions

Please reach out via our customer service portal to get a replacement

This was a manufacturing issue from a reprint which has since been fixed. If you come across an issue like this in any of our products please reach out via our customer service portal to get a replacement.

Came in great condition, but I have the wrong instruction booklet.

Really proud of the packaging and the great condition it has come in. The cards feel great too, looking forward to playing it. A huge oversight with the instruction booklet as it's for a game I don't have and it's going to be annoying not having the clarity on certain cards.