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Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Anarchy at the Arena

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Release Date: August 1, 2024


This is the brawl for it all, the Spell-slinging contest that puts it all to rest. That’s right: We finally have the game that puts the EPIC in Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards. So that just leaves you… are you a lily-livered limp-wand lightweight or are you a WIZLORD WIZBANGER ready to ROCK DEM FOOLS!?!? I knew you were up to the challenge… you are the chosen one of prophecy! (Chosen to be the one that buys the game so your freeloading friends can come over and have a god-dang blast!) 

The action has never been this intense, and the tournament has never been this big. HECK, we even got rid of death! Well, you still DIE but you’re right back into the action (after getting some negative points). There are all new moves for the Wizards (YOU). That’s right: Score points for RALLYING the crowd and bringing THE PAIN with the new RALLY cards! Wait till you get a load of these awesome cards… they get your Spells PUMPED UP! And we even have the old-time Wizard Champions on the field helping you create mega combos and deliver dirty damage to your Wizzy opponents! Sure, you’re still building three-piece Spells and dealin’ death with magic, but now it’s TOTALLY F’ING INTENSE! 

Literally, you have never played Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards like this, and once you do, you may NEVER go back. Actually, go back… the other games are also awesome! 

Standalone game, and compatible with other games in Epic Spell Wars spellcrafting card game series. 


  • Sixth game in the Epic Spell Wars spellcrafting card game series
  • OVER 150 intense cards* (*We left out the crappy ones! You’re welcome!)
  • 8 Oversized Wizards for you and up to 5 of your favorite peeps!
  • All-new Champion cards rocking your gameplay and bringing the pain!
  • Rally cards let you fire up the blood-thirsty crowd and deliver INSANE spell effects!
  • Dead Wizard tokens mean no more Wizard eliminations! That’s right: Every Wizard plays until the last drop of eldritch blood!
  • Gain Applause tokens by defeating foes and completing Champion Challenges
  • A big-ASS Standee, as always! 


  • 30 Source Cards
  • 30 Quality Cards
  • 30 Delivery Cards
  • 8 Wild Magic Cards
  • 25 Treasure Cards
  • 10 Rally Cards
  • 15 Oversized Champion Cards
  • 8 Oversized Wizard Cards
  • 15 Dead Wizard Tokens
  • 30 Applause Tokens
  • 6 Skull Life Counters
  • 6 Six-Sided Dice
  • 1 Anarchy Standee

Number of Players: 2-6
Ages: 17+
Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes


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