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A Christmas Story: Marquee Trading Cards

Release Date: Q4 2024 

“You’ll shoot your eye out.” Join Ralphie as he ignores these immortal words, navigates bullies on the way to school, says his first curse word in front of his dad, and is denied his Christmas wish by Santa in this trading card set based on the beloved movie A Christmas Story.

Cryptozoic’s first Marquee release—trading cards celebrating classic movies that have captured the public imagination for years—arrives right in time for the 40th anniversary of this holiday staple for audiences around the world.

A Christmas Story: Marquee Trading Cards include a 72-card Base Set with imagery pulled directly from the film, three uniquely themed Chase Sets, randomly inserted Single and Dual Autograph Cards featuring on-card signatures from the film’s stars, one-of-one Brilliance Cards stamped with gold foil, and one-of-one Sketch Cards.

*All Art Pending Licensor Approval


  • Based on the beloved holiday movie A Christmas Story
  • First Marquee release: trading card sets celebrating classic movies
  • Single and Dual Autograph Cards signed on-card by the main and supporting cast
  • Hand-drawn Sketch Cards by talented artists
  • Brilliance Cards: 1-of-1 variants of all Base and Chase Cards, printed on foil with gold Deco Foil
  • Three Chase Card Sets showcasing famous quotes from the film, Ornaments, and a puzzle image


  • 5 Cards Per Pack, 18 Packs Per Box
  • 72-card Base Set features imagery from the film
  • Single and Dual Autograph Cards (1 per Box)
  • Hand-drawn 1-of-1 Sketch Cards (1 per Box)
  • 1-of-1 Gold Brilliance Cards (1:1,100 packs)
  • 3 Chase Sets: “Ornaments,” “Quotable Christmas,” and “Triple Dog-Dare” Puzzle
  • 2 additional Red and Green numbered foil variants of Base and Chase Cards
  • Printing Plates


  • Full color 2” 3-ring binder features key art
  • Each Binder comes with an exclusive Binder Card


  • Autographs Cards (1:Box)
  • Sketch Cards (1:Box)
  • Green Foil Color Variant Base & Chase Parallel Cards #-ered to 40 (1:24 Packs)
  • Red Foil Color Variant Base & Chase Parallel Cards #-ered to 25  (1:37 Packs)
  • Gold Foil, 1-of-1 Brilliance of Base & Chase Cards (1:1,100 Packs)


SINGLE AND DUAL AUTOGRAPH CARDS: This set also includes Single and Dual on-card signatures from the main cast as well as some of the amazing supporting cast.

SKETCH CARDS: These unique one-of-one cards are hand-drawn by illustrators around the globe.

BRILLIANCE CARDS: These are elusive gold color variants of all Base and Chase Cards, printed on a patterned foil stock with additional gold Deco Foil, Brilliance logo, and 1-of-1 numbering.

Chase 1: “Ornaments” (9 cards): These nine cards, printed on thicker stock, feature punch-out ornaments of various items from the movie. They include the Leg Lamp, Ralphie’s Bunny Suit, the Bar of Soap, and the infamous Crate, to name just a few. A hole at the top of each will allow for a wire hook to be inserted and the ornament to be tree-ready!

Chase 2: “Quotable Christmas” (9 cards): Highlighting some of the most quotable lines from the film, this set celebrates the dialogue and imagery associated with lines like, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”, “Fra-Gee-lay,” and “I can’t put my arms down!” plus the old man artistically expressing himself with, “Gollywop-Dopter-Crop-Dop-Fratenhouse-Stickelfeiffer!”

Chase 3: “Triple Dog-Dare” Puzzle (9 cards): Fans will delight at these nine cards, which come together to form a collage of imagery that uniquely captures one of the most iconic scenes from the film.

BASE CARDS: The Base Set includes a variety of images from the classic film.

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