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Adventure Time Playpaks: Series 3

Release Date: Q3 2024 

Play in the Land of Ooo with the return of Adventure Time Playpaks! Based on the beloved Cartoon Network show, each five-card pack is filled with brave and adventurous characters and endless fun.

Adventure Time Playpaks: Series 3 feature a 18-card Base Set showcasing a popular character on each card and five uniquely-themed Chase Sets: foil Lava Cards, Sticker Cards with Puzzle Backs, Standees, Scratch ’n’ Sniff Cards, and Temporary Tattoos.


  • Based on the classic Cartoon Network show Adventure Time
  • Lava Cards printed on a blazing hot foil pattern with fun games on card backs
  • Sticker Cards feature multiple peel-and-stick images on the front with a piece to the 9-card puzzle on the back
  • Scratch ’n’ Sniffs cards even your nose can enjoy
  • Temporary Tattoos showcasing three uniquely cool characters
  • Standees that bring fan-favorite characters to life


  • 18-card Base Set featuring Finn, Jake, the Ice King, Fiona, Cake, and many more characters
  • 5 Chase Sets: Foil Lava Cards, Sticker Cards with Puzzle Backs, Flip-up Standees, Scratch ’n’ Sniff Cards, and Temporary Tattoos


  • Foil Cards (1:Pack)
  • Sticker Cards (1:Pack)
  • Scratch 'n' Sniff (1:3 Packs)
  • Standee Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • Temporary Tattoos (1:3 Packs)



Chase 1: Lava Cards (9 cards): Awesome images mix with a lava-patterned foil substrate, giving each character some bling. Flip the card and each back has a Scrambler, Find the Differences, or Decoder game to play. Algebraic!

Chase 2: Sticker Cards with Puzzle Backs (9 cards): Highlighting characters from the show, these cards contain several different poses of each character per card. These are sure to be fan favorites since they can be peeled and stuck anywhere! Keep the backer cards to assemble the puzzle!

Chase 3: Standee Cards (3 cards): Display these anywhere you want to add a little adventure to your day! The three cards fold into a base with the character in a standing position.

Chase 4:  Scratch 'n' Sniff (3 cards): With characters like Prince Gumball, Lumpy Space Princess, and Cinnamon Bun, you can smell the scents these cards will give off already! Start scratchin’!

Chase 5:  Temporary Tattoos (3 cards): These three cards, each with one large, press-wet-and-peel tattoo, will give you a colorful—but temporary—transfer to your skin.

BASE CARDS (18 cards): Collect all your favorite characters from the show, then color your own version on the back of the card. The front image is printed in black outline on the back of the card. Grab some markers or crayons and have more fun!

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