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Conan the Barbarian Trading Cards

Release Date: Q4 2024 

From Pan-Universal Galactic Worldwide & Released in Collaboration with Cryptozoic

Immerse yourself in the epic world of the ultimate barbarian, thief, adventurer, and king! Experience the high adventure and incredible tales of Conan the Barbarian in a trading card set featuring decades of unforgettable images from comics published by Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

Conan the Barbarian Trading Cards include a 72-card Base Set filled with epic imagery, four uniquely-themed Chase Sets, randomly inserted Autograph Cards featuring on-card signatures from fan-favorite artists, and one-of-one Sketch Cards.

*All Art Pending Licensor Approval


  • Showcases memorable Conan comic book images published by Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics
  • Autograph Cards signed on card by various artists that have brought Conan to life
  • Hand-drawn Sketch Cards by talented artists
  • Numbered Red and Black Foil Variants, numbered to 29 and 1 respectively, of Base and Chase Cards 1-4
  • Four Chase Sets showcasing “Sharpened Steel” nine-card puzzle, “Conquering Covers,” “Behind the Scenes” looks at preliminary sketches and altered images, and “Crimson Noir” black-and-red battles


  • 72-card Base Set features episodic imagery from Seasons 1 & 2
  • 72-card Base Set featuring comic book imagery
  • Autograph Cards (1:48 packs)
  • 4 Chase Sets: “Sharpened Steel” Puzzle Cards, “Conquering Covers,” “Behind the Scenes,” and “Crimson Noir”
  • Red and Black Foil Variants of Base and Chase Sets 1-4
  • Hand-drawn, 1-of-1 Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)
  • Printing Plates


  • Autographs Cards (1:48 Packs)
  • Sketch Cards (1:Box)
  • Red Foil Variant, #-ered to 29, Base/Chase Parallel Cards (1:Box)
  • Black Foil Variant, #-ered to 1, Base/Chase Parallel Cards (1:600 Packs)


AUTOGRAPH CARDS: This set features on-card signatures from a variety of artists who have illustrated this classic character.

SKETCH CARDS: These unique one-of-one cards are hand-drawn by illustrators from around the globe.


Chase 1: “Sharpened Steel” (9 cards): Nine cards come together to form a magnificent image of Conan printed on foil substrate, showing the barbarian as never before.

Chase 2: “Conquering Covers” (9 cards): This set highlights covers from the decades of published Conan comic books, also printed on foil substrate.

Chase 3: “Behind the Scenes” (9 cards): These cards depict preliminary sketches, unused images, and Comics Code Authority requested changes to Conan art from decades ago.

Chase 4: “Crimson Noir” (9 cards): A gritty set of 9 cards showing Conan at the height of battle, printed in black and splashed in crimson “blood.”

BASE CARDS: The Base Set for this release includes a variety of images pulled from decades’ worth of published comic books.

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