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Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 3

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Release Date: December, 2019

“I’m a pickle. I’m Pickle Rick!” The third trading card set based on Adult Swim’s animated series features premium packs with three Sketch Cards and one Autograph Card signed by a member of the voice cast, with signers including co-creator Justin Roiland. Some packs will even have a fifth card: a “Final Cut” memorabilia card featuring an authentic piece of Justin Roiland's personal copy of the script for the episode “Rickmancing the Stone"!

Packs: Each pack contains at least 1 autograph card and 3 sketch cards

1/1 "Final Cut" Memorabilia Cards (1:10 packs)

Each card contains an authentic piece of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland's personal copy of the script for the episode "Rickmancing the Stone"

One "Final Cut" Memorabilia Card guaranteed with any purchase of 10 or more packs

  • Justin Roiland as Pickle Rick

  • Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith, C-137 Beth, Young Beth

  • Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith, C-137 Beth

  • Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, C-137 Jerry

  • Keith David as The President

  • Tara Strong as Presidentress of the Mega Gargantuans, Stacy

  • Tom Kenny as Conroy, Gene, Million Ants, Secret Service Agent, Secretary of the Interior, Shnoopy Bloopers, Tour Guide

  • Ryan Ridley as Assassin, Alien Waiter, Customs Alien, Slave Owner

  • Maurice LaMarche as Crocubot, Federation President, Gordon Lunas, Waiter

  • Kari Wahlgren as Diane Sanchez, Jessica

  • Brandon Johnson as Mr. Goldenfold

Card Where Released
P1 San Diego Comic-Con
July 18-22, 2019
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine Aug/Sep 2019
P3 Non-Sport Update Magazine Aug/Sep 2019
P4 Non-Sport Update Magazine
Aug/Sep 2019
P5 National Sports Collectors Convention
July 31 - August 4, 2019
P6 New York Comic-Con
October 3-6, 2019
P7 L.A. Comic-Con
October 11-13, 2019
P8 Philly Non-Sports Card Show
October 19-20, 2019
P9 National Hobby Shop Day
December 7, 2019