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Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game- Live on Kickstarter!
Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game- Live on Kickstarter!



Are you a part of a group of players that devour tabletop games and ruthlessly break them down by what worked and what you'd improve on? Does your group have a wide knowledge of game genres backed by a desire to bury yourselves in discussions on their merits? Do you like being fed to play games? We need your hyper critical analysis, meandering game theories, bottomless bellies, and most importantly, your time!

I’m Mataio Wilson, a game designer at Cryptozoic Entertainment, a 10+ year game design studio located in Lake Forest, CA. I’m building teams of players to test our upcoming games, right in our office.

For each play session, we provide:

  • Insight into the design and development process of published games
  • Your name in the rulebook
  • Dinner, snacks, and drinks
  • $25 store credit towards our catalogue of games and merchandise

What we need from group members:

  • Proof of Covid-19 vaccination
  • Availability Wednesday 6pm-10pm
  • Pleasant communication between each other

What we also need from a group leader:

  • Verbal acuity in capturing your group’s discoveries as they occur.
  • Ability to maintain group cohesion during disagreements.
  • Coherent writing ability to sum up your group’s findings using our game evaluation forms.

Please send your scrutinizing inquiries and enthusiastic interests to