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Pantone: The Game - Booster Pack 1

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Want to give your copy of Pantone: The Game a boost? Booster Pack 1 adds 42 new Character Cards to the first printing of the game, including pop culture icons like Beetlejuice, Yoda, Ariel, Bowser, Dalek, and Tyrion Lannister. You’ll have a ton of fun trying to recognize these Characters based only on abstract arrangements of color swatches!

This pack also comes with 6 Blank Character Cards so you can write in some of your own favorite Characters, making your version of the game totally unique!

IMPORTANT: Starting with the second printing of Pantone: The Game, the 48 cards in Booster Pack 1 come with the game and are among the included 180 Character Cards.


  • Expands Pantone: The Game (first printing) with additional Character Cards based on pop culture icons
  • Allows players to create original Character Cards
  • Increases replayability and fun!