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Catwoman Movie Collectible — Hello There Edition

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"HELLO THERE”! In Batman Returns, those are the words on the neon sign in Selina Kyle’s apartment on the fateful night she first dons her Catwoman costume. Taking its inspiration from this iconic sign, Catwoman Movie Collectible: Hello There Edition is an eye-catching variant of the figure featuring a purple costume. It is a Cryptozoic Exclusive, available only directly from the company for a limited time.

The window box the figure comes inside similarly takes a cue from the movie. In Batman Returns, Catwoman angrily bashes out two of the letters so the sign reads “HELL HERE” (reflecting her transformation). To mirror the double nature of the sign, the matte sticker on the box features foil letters that, depending on the angle of the box, flicker between “HELLO THERE” and “HELL HERE.”

In addition to referencing the sign in Batman Returns, the purple catsuit pays homage to the many times Catwoman has appeared in purple. One of her very first appearances in comic books in the 1940s included a slim purple dress. In addition, in the 1990s, the character appeared in a skin-tight purple bodysuit in comics. Even though artists usually opt for the black catsuit portrayal in recent history, purple will always be an important part of her history!


  • Cryptozoic Exclusive variant of Catwoman Movie Collectible 7.5-inch vinyl figure
  • Purple costume inspired by iconic “Hello There” neon sign from Batman Returns
  • Extremely limited quantity: only 750 produced
  • Packaged in a window box with matte sticker

Release Date: June 1, 2021