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The Walking Dead Trading Cards Season 1

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Humans are the outsiders in the land of the walkers. In the AMC television series based on the Robert Kirkman comic book series, Rick Grimes leads a band of humans trying to survive in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything is scarce in this world except for zombies; there are plenty of zombies. The series is as much about the nature of humanity as it is about survival. Each card takes a piece of the human experience—brotherhood, teamwork, mourning— to give the collector individual snapshots of this harrowing tale. The first release in the trading card series covers the events of the first season and features a 81 card base set along with feature autographs and memorabilia from the popular show.


  • The Base cards feature the dramatic episodic images from season one
  • Chase sets include Character Biographies and Behind the Scenes imagery
  • Authentic Wardrobe cards from key cast members and zombies!
  • Autographs from prominent cast members randomly inserted in packs
  • Most watched cable series by 18-49 year olds. 6 Million viewers watched the Season 1 Finale.
  • Emma Bell
  • Michael Rooker
  • Steven Yeun
  • IronE Singleton
  • Chandler Riggs
  • Lennie James
  • Norman Reedus
  • Jon Bernthal
Card Where Released
P1 Non-Sport Update Magazine
Aug/Sep 2011
P2 Philly Non-Sports Card Show
April 2011
P3 Distributor
October 2011
P4 The Walking Dead Season 1 Limited Edition DVD Set
March 2011
P5 San Diego Comic Con 2011
July 2011