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2024 lookbook

Since 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment has been dedicated to the concept of “Fans First,” striving to develop the most creative and sought-after products for pop culture enthusiasts worldwide.

Brands we work with

DC Deck-Building Game

The Original Four

  • Strong Brand Recognition: Features universally recognized DC Comics characters, appealing to a broad demographic.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Offers dynamic deck-building mechanics that encourage strategic thinking and player interaction.
  • Hero and Villain Diversity: Includes a variety of iconic characters, enhancing replayability and fan engagement.
  • Expansive Universe: Each set explores different DC Comics stories, encouraging deeper engagement and multiple purchases.
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Additional Core Boxes

  • Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Accessible to newcomers while providing depth for experienced players.
  • Scalable Player Formats: Suitable for 2-4 players, ideal for both individual and group play.
  • Collectibility and Expandability: Standalone games that can also be expanded with additional sets for endless variety.
  • Quality Production and Design: High-quality materials and compelling artwork ensure a premium product experience.
  • Positive Reviews and Strong Community: Well-reviewed with strong community support, enhancing credibility and driving sales.
  • Competitive Retail Price: Attractively priced within the board game market, offering excellent value.
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Universe Expanded

  • Enhanced Gameplay Variety: Each expansion introduces new mechanics and cards, providing fresh gameplay experiences and renewed challenges.
  • Cross-Compatibility: Expansions are designed to be fully compatible with all base games and other expansions, offering versatile mix-and-match opportunities.
  • Specialized Themes: Expansions often focus on specific themes or story arcs, attracting fans interested in particular narratives within the DC universe.
  • Additional Characters and Powers: New heroes, villains, and unique abilities in each expansion keep the game exciting and allow for personalized strategies.
  • Continued Engagement: Regular release of expansions keeps the community active and engaged, ensuring sustained interest and repeat purchases.
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Introducing Party/Starter editions

Introducing Party/Starter editions

The Classic Game in a New Party/Starter Edition!

First released in 2012, DC Deck-Building Game has become a global phenomenon, spanning over twenty product releases and hundreds of thousands of games sold. The original game returns in this new Party/Starter Edition: the same amazing game in a
smaller, lower-priced package.

Classic deck-building game with new Party/Starter Edition packaging!
• Play as Justice League Super Heroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, or Cyborg!
• Each DC Super Hero has a unique special ability that will open up different strategies
• Every card features amazing art straight from the comics!
• Compatible with other Cerberus Engine: Heroes games
• Great way to join a growing community of thousands of fans!

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(Epic Spell Wars DBG 3 & ESW 6)

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